Guardians of Guadalupe
                                             Guardians of Guadalupe  

             Guardians of Guadalupe, Founding Members

The Guardians of Guadalupe are people praying for you and your intentions through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Do you need help?

Do you have a Special Intention?

Do you or a loved one have health problems?

Do you have issues with a Family Member?

You are not alone!

There will be literally hundreds and soon to be thousands of people asking Our Lady of Guadalupe to come to your aid. Every two weeks you will receive a request to send the names of those folks you would like to add to our Prayer List. When the list is compiled you as well as all other Guardians will be ask to say five Hail Mary's for those people "In Need of Our Prayers".



Does not include those who indicated they did not want their name published



Last Name First Name
Ansley  Kevin 
Baer Gerri 
Baker Pat 
Bechtel  Lisa 
Blanchard Dale
Borowski Robert 
Blanchette Fran
Bowser Daniel
Brink Bob 
Bruniard * Gaby
Bryson Albert
Bucci  Cathy 
Cangemi Matthew
Chieroth  Ron
Chieroth  Sheryl 
Christie Ed 
Coder Barbara
Condron Daniel 
Coon James
Corma  Trudy
Corsaro  Anna 
Corsaro  Bart
Corsaro  Vince 
Costello  Martine 
Dabkowski Laura 
Delaney  Jeff 
Dietrich Robert 
Disabella  John 
Donovan Daniel
Duffy Shaun 
Dupoldt Carl 
Estriplet Jonelle
Estriplet Joses
Evans Mary 
Everly  Tom 
Fashingbauer Bishop Daniel 
Feldkircher Fred 
Fernandes Gertrude
Ferruzza Joe 
Flick Betty 
Flynn Jim 
Fonash Al 
Fonash Sandy 
Fongheiser Jim
Fongheiser Paul 
Fox  Joseph
Gallagher Nina
Garciaa) Ellen 
Garner David 
Gauntner  Erin 
Gies Walter 
Gilbertson  Jeff 
Gilmartin Tom 
Gilmore Theresa 
Golden  Bob 
Golden  Margaret 
Grasmeder H. Martin 
Greene Andrew 
Gritt Ralph
Guinan Paul 
Gulutz Roxanne 
Hawks Sharon
Healy  Cynthia 
Hellner Bob
Hingley Christopher 
Hernandez Miguel
Horan Kevin
Horsell Richard
Hostetler Jim 
Joly John
Kampmeyer Bella 
Karacsony  Pete 
Karasch Henry 
Keebler Sue 
Keebler Tom 
Keeney Margaret 
Kelly Francis
Kleponis Margaret 
Klieber Tom 
Koroly Joseph
Kozul John 
Kristofl Joseph
Krohn Mary 
Lauber  John 
Lediju  Michael 
Lerza Rita
Libby Lou
Lilly Harriet
Lilly Wayne 
Linden Dianne
Louis Frank 
Lucks  Mary 
Lugo  Nancy 
Lutz Dick
Maida Carmine
Mannarino  Jim 
Maxwell Joe
McCarthy Al 
McCarthy Gail
McCarthy Toni
McCarthy  Patricia 
McFadden Karen
McFadden Mary 
McManus Lee 
McManus  Leonard 
McNamee  Kathy
Melchiore * Margie
Melesky Jim
Merilee Kirk
Merullo Denise
Merullo Denise 
Mesley Richard
Miller Maureen 
Minicozzi Paul 
Mirenda Ted 
Monte Joe
Mora Adriana
Morales Maria 
Moxley  Tarah 
Mullarkey  Sarah 
Murnane Timothy 
Musci  Denise
Nagel Lois 
Nanun Mark 
Naoe Victoria
Newman Al 
Nunan Mark 
Ochner Ron
O'Neil William
Ormerod Gordon
Paolucci Jr * Michael
Pascuzzi Joe 
Pavucek  Penny 
Penha Leonardo 
Petrus Paul
Pichola Jennifer 
Pinto John
Pizzi Eric 
Pizzino Joe 
Polselli Anthony 
Proffit David 
Purner  Alicia
Rados Michael
Rash Stephen 
Reid Charlie
Reid Jennifer 
Reif James
Reimer Charles
Richardson  Dianne 
Ristey Bill 
Rogge John
Ryan Dr. James
Sadler Gerry 
Sauer Charles 
Schoenhut Bill 
Seeberger Nancy 
Selman Mary 
Semeister Andy 
Shaloo Jose 
Shannon Jeff 
Shemonsky Sandy
Shych Wayne 
Slaats  Kathryn 
Slavish Elaine 
Smith Rita 
Sutton Ann 
Swenson  Sharon 
Thomson James 
Titus Brian
Trevelino Don 
Troegle Bob
Tuason  Angelita
Tuason  Victor 
Tucci Harry 
Turriziani  Krystyna 
Valent Thomas 
Vecchione Mike 
Walsh John 
Whitehouse  Sam
Wilkinson  Rosemary 
Williard Gary 
Winter  Edwin
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