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Why we Love Our Lady

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site which is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. We invite you to join us as Guardians of Guadalupe and help my wife and I spread the word that Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Americas. There  is no cost what so ever to become a Guardian and the rewards are eternal.

Our Story Began in 2003

Our experience began in January of 2003 when our daughter in law, Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our son Mark and Stephanie were married in 2002 and have a newborn son, Ben. Upon receiving the word of the diagnosis from our son Mark, I immediately preceded to St.NorbertSchool(I repair the computers at the school) to ask that several of the teachers and students pray for our daughter in law, Stephanie. Upon arriving at the school, I found that it had closed early due to the snow storm that we were experiencing. Interestingly enough, when I pulled into the school parking lot I found only three cars remaining, everyone else had gone home. The only people left at school were my three dear friends, Barbara (Religion Teacher), Margie (5th grade) and Mary (4th grade).  Upon asking the teachers atSaintNorbertSchool to pray for Stephanie, the religion teacher, Mrs. Barbara Goslin, ask if I was familiar with Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I informed her that, of course I knew Our Lady of Guadalupe was in fact the Blessed Mother, but beyond that, I had no knowledge.  Barbara told me about how she had become involved and the history of Our Lady

Barbara had been stricken with melanoma and had been very ill for quite some time.  She had been attending St. Isaac Jogues in Chesterbrook and told me that she was so ill on some days that she could scarcely walk up the aisle.  On one particular day a man approached Barbara and said that he wanted to help.  The man gaveBarbara an Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with theunderstanding that she pray to the Lady and that she permit the Ladyto visit other peoplefor periods of seven days at a time.  Barbara prayed and was made well.  Since that time, she has been living up to her promise and has been sending Our Lady on many visits.  Barbara suggested that Stephanie take the Lady for seven days. We found this to be very great news and were scheduled to take the Lady to Stephanie in two weeks from the date I spoke to Barbara.  Several days after the original diagnosis was made, Stephanie was given a Pet scan.  The results of the PET scan were virtually devastating.  Stephanie was told that she not only had breast cancer but she also had cancer many other places and that if in fact this diagnosis proved to be correct; she most likely had less than two years to live.  Upon hearing this news, I once again approached Barbara and ask if it would be possible that we get the Lady at an earlier time, and Barbara made the arrangements.  That evening my wife and I drove the Lady 45 miles to Mark and Stephanie’s home. We prayed to Our Lady and the following day our prayers were answered. Stephanie went toFoxChaseCancerCenter for follow up tests and discovered the results of the Pet Scan to be false.  Only breast cancer, as per the original diagnosis, showed. To say that Stephanie (and her family/ours) was relieved would surely be an understatement. She was in fact given back her life. She could be with her son and her husband. Stephanie had surgery and chemotherapy and has made a complete recovery. Interestingly enough, every time Stephanie was to receive a Chemo treatment she requested that the “Lady” be with her.


This is our daughter Michele who became very ill, very suddenly, (10 minutes) on July 12, 2003. She developed “Flash Pulmonary Edema” and we were told we had only minutes “left” when we arrived at the hospital.

It was a Saturday night and our grandson’s girlfriend had been visiting us. Michele had gotten quite upset because she was leaving.  My wife and I walked with our visitor to her car.  When we returned, ten minutes later, Michele was having difficulty breathing.  We could hear a terrifying sound in her chest.  We assessed the situation and quickly decided we needed to go to the hospital immediately. Thankfully, we live within five minutes of the hospital. Even so, by the time we arrived Michele's lips had turned purple and she was in serious trouble.  The nurses and the aides at the hospital pulled her from the car and rushed her into the emergency room.  They immediately had to ventilate her since she was suffocating.  Her kidneys had shut down and they were having a difficult time determining exactly what caused the problem.  Initially, it was felt that she had a blood clot either in her brain or her lung. The tests found this to be untrue.  They could not perform the lung scan because they would have to inject dye which could not be done since her kidneys were no longer functioning.  They made a decision in the emergency room to treat her as if she had a blood clot on her lung.  At 5:00 A.M. they moved her from the emergency room to the intensive care unit.  My wife and I decided, since she was resting and breathing with the help of the Ventilator, to leave the hospital for couple hours and go to 7:30 A, M. Mass, and then return to the hospital.  We spent the entire day at the hospital.  That evening Michele's brother Mark brought the Image of Our Lady to the intensive care unit.  It was just coincidental that Mark’s wife, Stephanie, had the Image of the Lady for the past seven days because she had been undergoing chemotherapy. On Sunday evening we placed the Image of Our Lady on the wall in intensive care unit and prayed.  The following morning I was first to arrive at the hospital. Upon entering the intensive care unit, Michele was sitting up in with your legs folded under her.  The ventilator had been removed and she was breathing on her own. She spotted me long before I got to the room and hollered, Hi Dad!  What a great greeting that was!

Everyone was astounded at the change that occurred between Sunday evening at 9:00 PM and Monday morning at 8:00 AM.  


Michele underwent many tests. The conclusion after eleven days in intensive care was that her kidneys were smaller than normal which we did not know, and her heart was not as efficient as the average persons. When you combine those two factors together, the result could be Flash Pulmonary Edema! Since that day she has been on medication and is functioning very well.


My friend, Jim Garbarino called to tell me that he had been just diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.  Needless to say my friend Jim was devastated.  He told me that he actually called me before a calling his father.  I told him I didn't know what to say except that I was honored to be the one that he called for a kind word.  He saidWayne, I really don't know what to do!  I said well Jim I do.  So that evening accompanied by Our Lady I drove twenty miles to visit with my friend.  Jim said to meWaynewhat are we going to do?  I said well Jim; we’re going to kneel down and pray.

My friend Jim said Wayne, I haven't been to church in many years and I don't remember any prayers.  I said Jim don't worry about it I think it's all going to come back to you. So we knelt in front of Our Lady with my friend Jim immediately to my left and his friend Kate to his left. I began saying the Hail Mary and after I had said the prayer five times I noticed out of the corner of my eye tears rolling down Jim’s cheeks. When I finished praying my friend said to me,WayneI can feel her (Our Lady) here beside me!  I said well Jim that's a really great thing!  From that moment, Our Beautiful Lady was watching over my friend Jim.  After 42 radiation treatments at theUniversityofPennsylvaniathe doctors marveled at the fact that Jim suffered next to no damage to the healthy tissue in his neck and that the tumor receded to the point that you could virtually not see it.  About four weeks after the last radiation treatment Jim had to undergo surgery as a precautionary condition to assure that all the cancer had been eradicated.  As of this moment my friend Jim has been declared cancer free. As of this moment, as you would guess, Jim is totally dedicated to Our Lady.

This is Mary’s Story, Written by Mary



This is Mary’s story, whom we met through a friend of my friend Jim Garbarino This is a photo of Mary and her younger sister, Mary is on the right.

In December of 2003 I received devastating news.  I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma at the age of 23.  I cried myself to sleep every night wondering why this happened to me, why now, and what was going to happen.  One night, a few days after my diagnosis I spoke to my good friend Sara on the phone.  I expressed all of my fears to her and we cried together.  A few days after Sara and I had that conversation, Sara called me and told me about an Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  She had been working in her family’s print shop when an old friend of her father, Jim Garbarino, stopped in.  They had not seen each other for many years.  Jim was telling Sara’s father about his fight against cancer and how he owed so much to Our Lady. Upon hearing Jim’s story regarding Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sara ask Jim how to go about getting the Image for me. Jim said that he would contact Wayne Lilly, the Guardian of the Image, and make arrangements for me to get the Image

  Sara arranged for me to host Our Lady.  Both Jim and Wayne traveled to my apartment to bring the precious Image and to share their stories.  When I first saw Our Lady it was breathtaking.  It is hard to explain in words the beauty and peace that she brings.  We all prayed together and when everyone was gone and I sat in my room with Our Lady.  My whole attitude changed and I was no longer scared. 

 I had Our Lady for quite a while during my treatment.  Hosting Our Lady was a truly amazing experience and I can still now always feel her around me.  I received chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins and I am now, a year later, still in remission.  My doctors were very pleased with my results and how well I responded to the therapy.     Inside I know that Our Lady was protecting me

This is my wife’s cousin Ron, who has suffered a lifetime of illness

Ron's problems began many years ago when he was just a teenager growing up with my wife and I in a small town in westernPennsylvania.

Recently, Ron developed problems with his vertebrate cracking, one after another. He was constantly in the hospital having surgery to repair the defective vertebrate. No sooner would he get home and the next one would crack. I went to visit with him in the hospital and during my visit I gave him a small Image of Our Lady. Immediately thereafter, the problem with the cracking vertebrate was brought under control.  While going through this problem Ron was also suffering from problems with his liver. Drain tubes had to be inserted in his liver to keep it functioning. His liver continued to deteriorate until he was hospitalized inJeffersonHospitalinPhiladelphia. During his stay, his wife contacted me to ask if I could take his sister, Mother Mary Anne of St. Emma’s Convent inGreensburgto visit with Ron. Of course I agreed to do this so my wife & I drove Mother Mary Anne toJefferson. Ron was found to be quite ill; his liver had virtually ceased functioning. He had been placed on the Liver transplant list. He was told that he was 120 down on the list and thatJeffersononly received 40 livers per year. This of course put our friend Ron in very serious situation since his liver was not functioning any longer.

During our visit, Ron said “Waynedo you remember the Image you had given me of Our Lady a month or two before”. Well, Ron had forgotten to bring the Image toJefferson. I always have one in my pocket so I gave it t Ron. We left the hospital and returned home. This was on a Thursday; on Friday evening Ron called at 10 PM and was crying with Joy. He said “Wayne, I’m getting my new liver in the morning. He did receive the replacement liver and is now doing really well with as he says, a fully functioning liver for the first time in many years.

Our Lady Comes to the aid of my wife

Driving on icy roads is an intimidating event for me.  One wintery day, freezing rain began to fall just prior to my normal work leaving time.  I could feel my feet slip as I circled my car scraping.  Ice formed on the previously cleared window before I could get around the car.  The route 202 corridor is one of the busiest in the Philadelphia suburbs.  I was dreading the drive home, so I said a prayer to Our Lady.  “It’s a small favor to ask, not life threatening, but would you please accompany me on my drive home?’  As I slowly pulled from the parking lot, I wondered what happened to my co-workers. I wondered if they decided to wait until after rush hour for lighter traffic.  As I continued my drive, I did not see another car.  It was so strange, as many nights I had sat for 2 hours to travel 2 miles in bad weather.  My car just moved steadily along the road and I arrived home in record time, never seeing another car.  When I pulled in the driveway, I was in shock.  I thanked Our Lady immediately.  I was humbled that she had gone to such lengths to answer my concern.  I was worried that I had used a miracle on a winter drive and sometime in the future, I would need help with major surgery and my allotment would be depleted.   I also thanked Jesus for listening to his mother.  The experience strengthened my faith and assured me of the love that Jesus and Our Lady have for us.

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